Mykie's Private Kitchen

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If you are tired of the long queues, usual restaurant food and you wanted to try something new, then Mykie's Private Kitchen offers a you unique dining experience.

Friends, Chef Mykie Hao and Topher Lopez come up with this idea as they usually cook on gathering with their friends.

The private dining takes place at Chef Mykie's humble home in Ladislawa Village. You can choose between indoor or al fresco setting. For us, we were inside the house. The ambiance gives off an elegant and minimalist vibe. We loved the lights!

Do expect an adventure with their menu as they serve unique dishes with generous servings.


Mixed greens with truffle raspberry vinaigrette and smoked salmon

 Potato crusted scallops with wasabi mayo and ebiko

Seared scallops in beurre blanc

Main Course

Spicy Gambas Pasta

This pasta will wake up all of your senses! haha. I'm not really into spicy food but the flavor and gambas got me so, I managed to finish everything that's on my plate. (gulps water!)

Seared chicken in white wine

 Seared Salmon

Angus Ribeye Steak

As a food blogger, I'm glad that I got chances to taste a number of steaks offered in the metro. Only 2 stood out so far, and this is one of it! Of course, medium rare all the way!


I would never forget desserts like these! I do get dizzy with sweets that's why I'm happy whenever I could taste desserts that won't make me feel such. Not too sweet. No umay factor!

Strawberry in Chantilly Cream with Truffle Chocolate Shavings

Apple Crumble

Rates start at P1,000 per head minimum of 4 persons. Prices may differ depending on your choice of food. You may inform them with what you want. Food serving is good for sharing. So, you won't have to worry about filling yourself up. It'll be worth it!

All in all, Mykie's Private Kitchen is perfect whether for an intimate dinner for 2 or a family/friends gathering. Chefs are accommodating and you will surely have a pleasant dining experience.

For bookings, inquiries visit their Facebook page-

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